Students see inside the knee

Pan Am operation streamed online High school students in Manitoba experienced a crash course in knee surgery Thursday. More than 1,200 students watched a live anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery that took place in one of the operation rooms at the Pan Am Clinic. The 45-minute procedure was streamed online to a classroom at Sisler High School, and from there … Read More

Take care out there!

The huge snow flakes drifting down from the sky seem so soft and delicate. But lose control while flying down your favourite slope, and those same gentle snowflakes will feel as hard and unforgiving as any concrete wall. Downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding are popular sports in Manitoba, but they can lead to injuries if safety precautions aren’t taken. … Read More

Jets have mini-hospital close to ice

Ever wonder how a player can get high-sticked in the face, lose a few litres of blood on the ice and then be back on the bench a few shifts later? It’s all due to the magic that occurs in the medical room at the MTS Centre. The doctors on call at Winnipeg Jets games are among the best in … Read More