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We support the Pan Am Clinic to deliver world-class treatment to its patients.

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The Foundation will raise funds to help attract the people and offer the programs to create and maintain a world-class research, education and health care organization for Manitoba and beyond.


Pan Am Clinic has a very strong belief in evidenced-based medicine and will advance and modify patient care and procedures if there is strong evidence to support the positive benefits of such a change. In order to stay current with best practices and advance the field of sports medicine, in-house research is required to ensure improved patient safety and outcomes.

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The Pan Am Clinic Foundation supported the establishment of the Pan Am Surgical Skills Training Centre that houses state-of-the-art virtual arthroscopic trainers, muscle, bone and joint models and access to cadaveric specimens.

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The Medical Careers Exploration Program is a School Initiated Course (SIC) which consists of four phases. The first phase of the program is Grade 9 Orientation Discovery Days at Pan Am Clinic. Students attend three Orientation Days that focus on introducing the students to the Healthcare Environment and provide them with information about the Medical Careers Exploration Program.

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