Pain Management

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Manage Your Pain

Our goal at the Pan Am Pain Management Clinic is to work with you to achieve your goals and develop an active approach to manage your pain. Our team will provide you with education and support to improve your quality of life.

  • Your treatment plan

    We will work with you and your family doctor to define a treatment plan and resources to help you manage your painful condition to the best of our ability. Once your specific plan is in place, you will be discharged from the Pain Management Clinic and your family physician will continue with your ongoing care plan.

  • Our team

    Our multidisciplinary team includes anaesthetists, a physical medicine rehabilitation physician, a family physician with an interest and additional expertise in the management of pain, as well as nursing staff, a pain psychologist, a physiotherapist and support staff.

Pain Management

Contact Info

Phone Number: 204.927.2609 or 204.925.7485
Fax Number: 204.927.2673

Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Director of Pain Clinic - Dr. Ryan Amadeo (Phone 204.927.2609 or 204.925.7485, Fax 204.927.2673)

The Pain Management Clinic department is located on the Second Floor of the Pan Am Clinic.

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