We will support the Pan Am Clinic to deliver world-class treatment to its patients.

The Pan Am Clinic Foundation supports the two international fellowships in Orthopaedics, and Primary Care, which will serve to attract dedicated physicians to a dynamic and multi-disciplinary environment.

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Upper Extremity Reconstruction Fellowship

Through support from the Pan Am Clinic Foundation, the enhanced Fellowship Program allows upcoming world-class surgeons to concentrate on arthroscopy skills, as well as advanced knee and shoulder reconstruction.  This training is complemented by the multi-media surgical skills training facility and state-of-the-art conference room.

Training these individuals provides opportunities to recruit and retain the very best.

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Primary Care Sport & Exercise Medicine Program

Residents are given the opportunity to work alongside the most respected and experienced Sports Medicine physicians in Manitoba and have access to a greater number of patients than any other Sports Medicine facility in the province.  Additionally, the primary care physicians have the unique ability to interact with specialists from orthopaedics and plastics on a continual basis.  These Residents are also encouraged to contribute to active clinical research initiatives through the Pan Am Research Team.

By establishing a flexible and energetic environment, the Pan Am Clinic attracts Residents who want to remain a part of the clinic on a permanent basis.  The Pan Am Clinic’s multi-disciplinary approach to bone, joint and muscle health is attracting attention worldwide as the future model of care in the public health system.

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