We will support the Pan Am Clinic to deliver world-class treatment to its patients.

Pan Am Clinic has a very strong belief in evidenced-based medicine and will advance and modify patient care and procedures if there is strong evidence to support the positive benefits of such a change. In order to stay current with best practices and advance the field of sports medicine, in-house research is required to ensure improved patient safety and outcomes. Winnipeg is home to world-class research in several areas, and the Pan Am Clinic Foundation has developed a research facility and program at the Pan Am Clinic of similar merit.

With support from the Pan Am Clinic Foundation, research staff not only drive the advancement of the research program but support the education and community outreach initiatives of the Foundation.  With a dedicated and knowledgeable research team at the Pan Am Clinic, questions and ideas surfacing from any service area (e.g., sports medicine, physiotherapy, etc.) can be pursued as a research project, and the outcome will directly impact how health care is provided at the clinic and beyond.  Evidence-based practice is a cornerstone not only to direct patient care program implementation, but the many educational and community outreach initiatives undertaken at the clinic.

As in most research institutions, ongoing support of research is obtained through research grants and awards.  With investment in sufficient salary funding and equipment, experienced and qualified research staff will have the necessary support to pursue significant project funding from provincial, national and international granting agencies.  Salary support for research personnel will allow the Clinic to access national and international research awards through collaborations with other researchers within Manitoba, across Canada and throughout the world.