How We Work

What is Triage

When you arrive in Minor Injury Clinic (MIC) your condition will be assessed by a nurse.  A clerk will then ask you for demographic information and will provide you with a same-day return time.  Patients with the most urgent issues will be given priority.

You are welcome to leave the clinic or you may choose to stay.  Either way, if your condition worsens, we ask that you let us know. When you return, please check in at the front desk.  A nurse will review the details of your condition before you see the doctor and may refer you for an x-ray.

The doctor will examine/review your condition and recommend appropriate treatment and care.

Once the same day capacity has been reached, the Minor Injury Clinic will be closed to non-urgent patients earlier than posted hours.  If your problem is chronic in nature (long-lasting or recurrent), then we can help you by scheduling a regular appointment with one of our Sports Medicine physicians.