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Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies Inc. has become one of the most respected Sports Medicine, Orthotic, and Rehab device companies in all of Canada. A Canadian based family business; company founder Sam Diamond started providing product to the CFL in 1946.

Today from the location within the Pan Am Clinic, Diamonds have grown to become the primary provider to many institutions throughout the nation including Hospitals, Clinics, Universities, Colleges, and many of Canada’s National and Olympic teams, the CFL, NHL, AHL, NBA, MLB and WHL teams.

Diamond Athletic currently has 45 staff members dedicated to providing professional service to the many thousands of clients that visit throughout the year.  The move to the Pan Am Clinic occurred in 2007 and that move greatly enhanced Diamond’s ability to delivery a superior service and access.  Their ten thousand square foot facility is stocked with thousands of different healthcare products ranging from simple bandages and ice packs, to measured or custom orthotic braces and rehabilitation equipment.  Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies is also one of the nations leading providers of compression garments for the legs, trunk, and arms.

Diamond Athletic is a major supporter of the Pan Am Clinic Foundation, and believes that the delivery of outstanding healthcare starts with superior education and research.

More information on Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies Inc. and their products can be found on their website, www.diamondathletic.com.

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