Orthopaedic Sports Medicine & Upper Extremity Fellowship

Extensive experience with knee, shoulder reconstruction and upper extremity surgery is available through this fellowship. Six very busy Sports Medicine surgeons contribute to the clinical load: Dr. Peter MacDonald, Dr. James Dubberley, Dr. Jon Marsh, Dr. Jason Old, Dr. Gregory Stranges and Dr. Jarret Woodmass. Clinical research and outcome studies are also encouraged as part of the program. Two research associates Sheila McRae PhD, and Treny Sasyniuk MSc can assist in project preparation and development.

Clinical exposure to amateur and professional athletes and coverage of teams at the professional level are included.  Participation in rounds and some teaching responsibilities are also part of the program.

The fellow will be in the OR two to three days a week as well as in clinics.  Teaching rounds are held on Thursdays.

The fellowship is set in the state-of-the-art Pan Am Clinic with MRI, five operating rooms, Primary Care, Orthopaedics, Plastics and Research facilities.  It is one of the finest Sports Medicine facilities in Canada.  The Arthroscopic Skills Training Centre has recently been established at the Pan Am Clinic with virtual arthroscopic trainers, musculoskeletal models and access to cadaveric specimens.

Our fellowship has welcomed fellows from abroad, including:

  • Dr Shiv Bhatt - Rome, NY (1993)
  • Dr Norman Klippenstein - Brandon, MB (1994-95)
  • Dr Jeffrey Engel - Winkler, MB (1995)
  • Dr Saleh Al-Azzam - Siyadh, Saudi Arabia (1995)
  • Dr Mohammed Jamjoom - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (1996-97)
  • Dr Aziz Al-Anmari - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1998-99)
  • Dr Pavitar Sunner - Sydney, Australia (2001-02)
  • Dr David O'Regan - Bismarck, ND (2002)
  • Dr David Dillon - Winnipeg, MB (2003-04)
  • Dr Robert Masynk - St Catharines, ON (2004-05)
  • Dr Kent Ferrari - Minneapolis, MN (2006)
  • Dr Cole Beavis - Saskatoon, SK (2007)
  • Dr Michael McCaffrey - Windsor, ON (2007)
  • Dr Bhuvaneshwar Machani - England (2007)
  • Dr Pierre Lapointe - Chicoutimi, QC (2007-08)
  • Dr Abdullah Alzahrani - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2008)
  • Dr Sahal Altamimi - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (2008-09)
  • Dr Eden Raleigh - Melbourne, Australia (2009)
  • Dr Paul van Zyl - Prince George, BC (2009)
  • Dr Moustfha Alshrif - Libya (2009-10)
  • Dr Alexander Van Tongel - Belgium (2010)
  • Dr Aaron Tay - Western Australia (2010)
  • Dr Adam Durrant - Auckland, New Zealand (2010)
  • Dr Kanthalu Subramanian - York, United Kingdom (2011)
  • Dr Scott Wiens - Edmonton, AB (2011)
  • Dr Lars Baron von Engelhardt - Germany (2011)
  • Dr David Rhodes - Salt Lake City, Utah (2011-12)
  • Dr David Simon - Ottawa, ON (2012)
  • Dr James Chiu - Sydney, Australia (2012)
  • Dr Stephen Kennedy - Vancouver, BC (2012)
  • Dr Scott Hughes - Vancouver, BC (2012-13)
  • Dr Sultan Aldosari - Saudi Arabia (2013)
  • Dr Salil Pandit - New Zealand (2013)
  • Dr Austin Vo - Australia (2013)
  • Dr Adnan Saithna - United Kingdom (2013-14)
  • Dr Sreenadh Gella - United Kingdom (2014)
  • Dr Dani Massie - Montreal, QC (2014)
  • Dr Randa Berdusco - Hamilton, ON (2014-15)
  • Dr Devdatta Neogi - United Kingdom (2014)
  • Dr Kamal Bali - India (2014-15)
  • Dr Katherine Cabrejo-Jones - Quebec City, QC (2015-16)
  • Dr Narayana Prasad - United Kingdom (2015)
  • Dr Simon Lenschow - Germany (2015-16)
  • Dr Gautam Talawadekar - United Kingdom (2016)
  • Dr Kivanc Atesok - Jerusalem, Israel (2016)
  • Dr Ahmed Eid - Cairo, Egypt (2016-17)
  • Dr Tanner Gurney-Dunlop - Saskatoon, SK (2016-17)
  • Dr Bryan Wang - Changi, Singapore (2017)
  • Dr Scott Mollison - Saskatoon, SK (2017-18)
  • Dr Sharad Prabhakar - India (2017-18)
  • Dr Adam Kwapisz - Poland (2017-18)

AccreditedFaculty of Medicine, Postgraduate Medical Education at the University of Manitoba
Canadian Orthopaedic Association
Fellowship CommencesAnnually
Deadline for ApplicationsJanuary of year prior
DurationSix months or one year
Application ProcessSubmit a letter of intention along with CV and three letters of reference.

Applications should be addressed to:
Dr. Peter B. MacDonald
Care of Shelly Labossiere, Program Coordinator
Email [email protected] Phone 204.787.8823
Special License DescriptionThe fellow must be eligible for licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba and be a member of the Canadian Medical Protective Association. Applicants from abroad must write the Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination. If the exam has not been written, on review of application, the fellow might be able to register under a different section with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba.
Stipend$70,000.00 Canadian Dollars
Year Accredited by the Canadian Orthopaedic Association1998
FacultyPeter B. MacDonald, MD, FRCSC
James Dubberley, MD, FRCSC
Jon Marsh, MD, FRCSC
Jason Old, MD, FRCSC
Gregory Stranges, MD, FRCSC
Jarret Woodmass, MD, FRCSC

Pan Am Clinic
75 Poseidon Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3M 3E4