Pan Am Clinic

The Evolution of Pan Am Clinic

Pan Am Clinic began operation as a private facility in 1979, focusing on athletes and sports-related injuries.  It has evolved to deliver a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal care to patients from a range of backgrounds and ages, emphasizing rapid response, early and aggressive treatment, and improving patient outcomes. The Sports Medicine Team Approach has been the key factor in Pan Am Clinic’s success.

In March 1985, Pan Am Clinic opened at its present site at 75 Poseidon Bay.  By 1986, the Poseidon building doubled its size to 12,000 ft2 followed by a second expansion in 1993, bringing the clinic to 20,000 ft2.

In 2001, it was determined that the next step in the evolution of the successful operation would be to serve its patients from within the public health system.  The facility was converted to an operating division of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).

In 2003, a further expansion was funded to expand the clinic to 40,000 ft2, which allowed the upgrading of existing facilities and the addition of:

  • Orthopaedic Clinical and Office space
  • Cast Clinic
  • Computer Radiography
  • Two Additional Full-Integrated Orthopaedic Operating Rooms
  • Pain Clinic Procedure Room

In 2005, an additional 10,000 ft2 was added to Pan Am Clinic which created space for:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Plastic Surgery Clinical and Office space
  • Pain Clinic

From 2005-2008, Pan Am Clinic developed and initiated the Pan Am Clinic Foundation bringing the clinic to its current size of 72,000 ft2. This addition created space for the Pan Am Clinic Foundation and new programs including:

  • Minor Injury Clinic for Kids
  • Research/Education Lab
  • Clinical Office Space
  • Retail Opportunities

In 2014, Pan Am Clinic expanded services to include a new specialized concussion clinic at a satellite location.  The Pan Am Concussion Program is located at the MTS Iceplex at 3969 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg.

Over the course of an average year, 250,000 people from across Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario are seen at the Clinic.

Pan Am Clinic Now

Constant change and growth towards excellence has always propelled Pan Am Clinic. The Sports Medicine Team approach has been Pan Am’s model for well over 20 years. The opportunity to communicate and share treatment methods and ideas with a variety of health care professionals contributes to Pan Am’s success and strength. Today, Pan Am Clinic continues its tradition of responsive, innovative, high-quality care, providing cutting-edge treatments and up-to-the-minute technology.

In partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the University of Manitoba, Pan Am Clinic works towards continuing to be a universally renowned centre of excellence. By recruiting and retaining the best medical team possible, Pan Am Clinic has captured universal recognition as a clinic that is a leader in innovation in bone and joint care and research.

Pan Am Clinic Foundation

Supporting Education & Research