Integrated Surgical Suite

The Pan Am Clinic Foundation supported the addition of a third integrated surgical suite to be used in conjunction with the existing integrated suites at Pan Am Clinic and the Pan Am Clinic Conference Centre. Integrated Surgical Suites provide an ideal operating arena for the surgeon, staff and most importantly, the patient.

The strategic design of an Integrated Surgical Suite places the operating team and the patient in an optimal position, which maximizes the efficiencies and ergonomics of the procedure.  Much of the surgical equipment is ceiling mounted, clearing the floor of potentially hazardous electrical cables and providing more room to work.  A nursing assistant, using a touch control panel, operates the equipment, including hydraulic booms, audio-visual equipment and lighting.  The physical and mental stresses imposed on the medical staff during a procedure are reduced and ultimately, surgical outcomes are improved.

State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment enables the surgeon to choose from several camera angles, including digital x-rays, while monitoring patient vital signs simultaneously.  The patient is given the opportunity to observe and be educated about their arthroscopic procedure on the monitor and, if they choose, they are given a copy of their procedure on disc to view at a later date.

International video conferencing capability during surgery enhances the teaching environment for Fellows and residents by enabling real-time interaction with facilities around the world.  Surgeons have the ability to exchange MRI’s, digital images, surgical strategies and techniques with other national or international centres directly from the operating room.

More specifically, in Manitoba, integrated operating rooms facilitate communication between staff at the Clinic and medical personnel working in the northern and remote centres throughout the Province.