Zach Redmond skated today and his doctors are calling it a miracle.

“I didn’t expect to be back this quick but as the recovery goes on I get better and better news,” said Redmond, who skated at MTS Iceplex with teammates Jim Slater and Anthony Peluso this morning. “They keeping pushing the deadline up. It’s awesome. It felt great to be out there.”

Injured Jets defenceman Zach Redmond returns after recovering from a major injury he received during practice that severed a leg artery in the right thigh. He was back at practice today.

The fact Redmond is back on the ice is one incredible step and Winnipeg Jets head physician Dr. Peter MacDonald says it’s “highly probable,” Redmond will be in training camp this fall, if not back with the team sooner.

“It’s nothing short of a miracle considering what’s he’s been through,” said MacDonald, who put Redmond through a series of tests on Thursday.”We’re all aware of what happened. Considering the magnitude of the injury and the insult, not only to the leg but the whole body, it’s quite miraculous.”

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