Jets have mini-hospital close to ice

Ever wonder how a player can get high-sticked in the face, lose a few litres of blood on the ice and then be back on the bench a few shifts later?

It’s all due to the magic that occurs in the medical room at the MTS Centre. The doctors on call at Winnipeg Jets games are among the best in their fields and they essentially have a mini-hospital at their disposal to help get players back in the game if they need to get stitched up or even save their lives in the event of a major injury.

Jetcetera was given a tour of the medical room from Dr. Peter MacDonald – the man who once reattached Teemu Selanne’s achilles tendon – and even had Jets forward Jim Slater, um, drop his pants to show off a “badge of honour” stitch job after he had his leg cut open by a skate earlier this season.

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