Sportscaster stars at his award night

FIRE AND ICE: Bob (Knuckles) Irving, well-known sports director for CJOB and recipient of the Pan Am Clinic Foundation’s Professional Sports Achievement Award, cracked right up when they played a YouTube clip of him from 1987 at the Fire and Ice Gala Friday night. It was a Minute Muffler television ad showing Irving as a callow young buck with lots more hair and huge, square glasses, saying earnestly, “That’s Minute Muffler, your car’s best friend. You have MY word!”

Instead of a serious speech, the man being honoured at the Fort Garry Hotel for his commitment to community and sports got grilled big time. He chanced a personal interview with CBC sportscaster Scott Oake, with a lineup of probing questions — no topic too delicate. And he survived, with killer comebacks. “I had no idea how funny Bob Irving was!” laughed delighted event organizer Kelly McMullan.

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