Upper Extremity Return to Sport Testing Following Surgical Intervention for Anterior Glenohumeral Instability


There is a well-documented disparity in the methods we use to determine readiness to return to sport in patients with lower versus upper body injuries.

Patients who have undergone either the Latarjet or Bankart surgical procedures to correct anterior shoulder instability will complete a collection of tests of muscular strength, endurance and power for the shoulder at six months post-operative.  Scores on these tests will be compared with rates of re-injury, return to sport, and reported return to sport at full performance to determine what tests would be clinically appropriate.

This study aims to identify functional tests that can determine which patients are likely to return or fail to return to sport, and those who are at a higher risk for re-injury.

For patients, we will develop an assessment service that can identify deficits in function that should be addressed with further rehabilitation prior to return to sport, and ultimately, the identification of a safe time point to return to their sport.

Researcher: Dan Ogborn