Optimizing Exercise Selection for Patients Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction


Patients adopt movement strategies to avoid using their ACL reconstructed knee, and these patterns persist for months (and years) after their ACL reconstruction.  These patterns act to shield the knee, and may limit the ability of rehabilitation exercises to target muscles that are weakened following ACL injury and reconstruction.

Patients are asked to attend two appointments where they will complete exercises with their bodyweight on two force plates that measure the forces their legs produce.  Following the bodyweight exercises, they will complete the squat and split squat exercises with 30, 60 and 90% of their maximal weight lifted for one repetition, with forces measured from each leg.

These results will guide rehabilitation professionals in the selection of exercises to improve quadriceps strength for patients following ACL reconstruction.

For patients, effective exercise selection will increase muscle strength and increase the likelihood of successful return to work and sport following ACL reconstruction.

Researcher: Dan Ogborn