Comparison of common clinical methodologies for the determination of hamstring strength


The assessment of hamstring muscle strength can be an important component of return to sport assessment in patients who have had a hamstring graft or those following hamstring strain injury.  This study evaluated three different pieces of equipment of varying price points to compare scores between the machines and determine how consistent scores are between testers and over time.

Healthy control participants completed two sessions where hamstring strength was tested with a hand-held dynamometer, on an isokinetic dynamometer, and the NordBord hamstring dynamometer.

The study found that the less expensive testing equipment (hand held dynamometer, NordBord) produced scores that were valid and reliable.  Scores between the machines were not interchangeable.

Validating cost effective equipment may increase adoption of strength testing by physical therapist providing a higher level of precision in patient care.

Researchers: Dan Ogborn, Alix Bellemare, Brittany Bruinooge