A survey study regarding the natural history and treatment of anterior shoulder instability among members of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association


There are multiple surgical procedures that can be used to correct shoulder instability yet the practice patterns of Canadian orthopaedic surgeons are not well defined.  This survey study will document how clinical practices of orthopaedic surgeons vary in their management of a patient with shoulder instability.

An electronic survey will be distributed to active members of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association that have treated at least one patient in the previous year for anterior shoulder instability.

This study will highlight areas of agreement and disagreement amongst orthopaedic surgeons, and demonstrate how new evidence has been integrated into clinical practice in the management of patients with shoulder instability.

Review of common surgical practices will highlight areas of consensus and areas for future research that will impact patient care through improved surgical practices.

Surgeon: Dr. Peter MacDonald
Researchers: Dan Ogborn, Sheila McRae