Posture is Behavior and Not Just Position

Amanda Gomes

Have you ever had your picture taken, only to notice that you were slumped forward with your chin protruding forward? Poor posture can lead to neck pain and headaches, consequently diminishing productivity during your workday. Correcting your posture is as much about behavior and awareness as it is about the perfect chair in your office.  Simple interventions such as optimizing your workstation set up, incorporating regular breaks, or engaging in brief walks, can provide relief to your neck and shoulders.

Consult with your physiotherapist for a tailored program to improve your posture. Initially, this may involve simple corrections and imagery to elongate your spine and alleviate slouching.  Once you have a better idea of the corrected position, your physiotherapist can devise a regimen focusing on areas of tightness that need to be stretched, and a strengthening program that targets the antigravity muscles that we all need to maintain proper posture.

Implementing change is most successful with guidance, so consult with your physiotherapist today!

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