PARS Pembina – What Makes Us Different!

Dana Peteleski

We are excited to announce that we have opened a satellite clinic at 756 Pembina just a short TWO KMS from the main building on Poseidon that allows us greater space for programming including post rehab options for patients, and greater rehab potential – it has been lovingly abbreviated to ‘PARS 2’ in our conversations.

So…..what makes us different than the Poseidon location????

Rickie Walkden is leading the way at Pembina as our Clinic Manager while still spending the bulk of her time seeing patients. Joining Rickie at Pembina are Alexander Athayde, Sarah Cheah, Curtis Friesen, and Kelsi McGonigal. Our Physiotherapists will be in both the Pembina and Poseidon locations so they will continue to provide truly complete care. We are connected electronically to our Pan Am location with regards to medical records to ensure we provide the same team atmosphere, and exceptional outcomes that are an expectation when you send your patient to Pan Am.

The best news about the new 2300 square foot facility is the sizeable gym! The bigger footprint has ample gym space and will allow us to improve service delivery for outcomes for all of our patients:
•Hip and Knee Replacement classes!
•Post-surgery classes (ACL)
•Bridging the gap from rehab to gym/sport/play/life
•Return to work (Reconditioning classes planned for the near future)
•resuming GLA:D classes in late 2023

PARS 2 is also a bit quieter with a fewer number of treating clinicians at a time, 6 treatment rooms separated from the gym, with 2 rooms directly adjacent to the gym! Our support staff team is smaller and they are also dual-trained! They manage the front desk, appointment booking and billing, AND assist in an aide setting. Our team gets to know our patients differently due to our setting.

As we are tethered remotely to the Poseidon site, rest assured that all of the information from your complete chart at Pan Am (imaging results, sport med visits, post op reports) are all available to us, just like our Poseidon site.

And one of the best parts? Ample parking directly in front of the clinic, and ‘easy on easy off’ if you are coming north on Pembina, north of the Jubilee overpass.