Five Ways to Stay Socially/Physically Distant and Active

Dana Peteleski

by Carmen Lee

As we all make drastic adjustments to our lifestyles, having our regular routines rocked can definitely pose as a challenge to maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health.  Here are some tips that I found useful to stay active while following social/physical distancing rules.

1) Routine.  Whether it is time-based or “after >2 hrs of screen-time,” make an effort to set a schedule and adhere to it.  If following a program motivates you, there are many “30-day challenges” online.  Find a program that is appropriate for your fitness level or write down an exercise plan.

2) Space.  Set-up a space where you can be mobile and adapt to utilize what you have.

3) Fun.  Do what you enjoy.  During a pandemic or not, the best compliance to any workout routine is to enjoy it.  Many facilities are offering free online classes, such as yoga or body weight classes.

4) Enjoy the outdoors.  Go for walks and/or jogs!  Throw a frisbee (only with people you live with/same household for now).  It is surprising what some sunshine and fresh air can do for you!

5) Be creative.  Who needs weights when you have a backpack and fridge full of beverages?  You can get an awesome workout in with just your body weight or a skip rope as well!

Below are pictures of a core and skip-rope program that I am working on for the next 27 days when I have been on the couch for too long!

Be safe and stay healthy everyone!

Leg Raises

Side Plank Leg Raise


Bicycle Crunch


Knee to Elbow Plank

Skip Rope