Do Your Shoes Tell a Story?

Amanda Gomes

Have you begun to experience foot and ankle pain? Sometimes pain arises without a specific event or trauma which can be quite perplexing.  This discomfort could potentially be linked to your foot biomechanics and movement patterns.

Consulting a skilled physiotherapist with experience in foot and ankle conditions is a great place to start if you are having foot pain that has crept up on you. 

Your physiotherapist can assess how you walk and can test your flexibility and strength to determine if your foot mechanics play a role in your discomfort.  It is advisable to bring your current footwear as well as your previous shoes to your appointment.  The wear patterns of your shoes (both internally and externally) offer valuable insights to your physiotherapist about how you are moving.  Areas of high pressure or breakdown in the shoe can indicate what your foot may be missing in terms of support or cushioning. 

Easing the pain of plantar fasciitis, soreness in the balls of the feet (metatarsalgia) or toe pain can involve exercises to improve flexibility, foot strength, and balance.  It may also involve guiding you towards selecting appropriate footwear tailored to your specific foot needs.

If you are suffering with sudden onset foot pain, consult with your physiotherapist today!

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