Pan Am Clinic Conference Centre 

We will support the Pan Am Clinic to deliver world-class treatment to its patients.

The Pan Am Clinic Foundation supported the development of a state-of-the-art Pan Am Clinic Conference Centre. This modern facility has the capability for real-time audio-visual interaction with the clinic’s operating rooms. It provides staff, visiting clinicians or physicians and health care providers with access to medical rounds and educational sessions, conferences, and workshops from sites all over the world.


Development of the conference centre facility gives the Pan Am Clinic an established meeting centre for educational sessions or access to local or international telecasts.  Educational and research initiatives are broadcast to and received from international forums via the Pan Am Clinic Conference Centre.  The Conference Centre has a seating capacity of 40 occupants with a spill over area accommodating an additional 15 participants.

Teleconferencing plays a pivotal role in the education of Manitoba’s health care providers as it allows access to best practices throughout the province and around the world.  Modern day technology rapidly advances and with the time constraints placed on health care professionals, real-time communication becomes invaluable because it gives professionals the opportunity to participate in educational sessions that would otherwise be inaccessible or prohibitively expensive.

As an innovative feature of the Pan Am Clinic Conference Centre, live surgical demonstrations can be viewed locally and broadcast worldwide with a two-way feedback system, allowing for interaction between the viewing audience and the broadcast centre.

The Pan Am Clinic has the ability to host high profile conferences and meetings which allow staff from all disciplines greater access to the most novel and up-to-date research and education concepts and issues.  Two-way teleconferencing provides Winnipeg the opportunity to showcase, across the globe, Pan Am Clinic’s world-class facility, staff and extensive professional disciplines.  Ultimately, a better-educated staff and communication with other centers throughout the world enhances patient safety, satisfaction and quality of life amongst Manitobans.