My Health Records

The Pan Am Clinic and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority believe your health is a private matter.  We collect, record, store, use or disclose any facts about you and your health in keeping with Manitoba’s Personal Health Information Act.

Contact Information

General Health Information Services Inquiries: 204.925.1543
Patient Record Requests: 204.925.1528
Fax Number: 204.925.7484
Hours: The Health Information Services Reception desk is open Monday to Friday – 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request copies of my records?

To request Personal Health Information (PHI), including medical records, x-ray images and MRI images, please follow the steps below:

Fill out a “Request to Access Personal Information” form.  Please complete all information in pen.

  • If you cannot print the form, please phone the Health Information Services Department at 204.925.1543 and we will fax or mail the form to you.  You may also present in person at the Health Services Information Department to fill out the form.
  • It is important to specify the type of information that you are requesting.  Where applicable, indicate any of the following to assist us in identifying the information you need:
    • Date range
    • Name of health care provider(s)
    • Body part(s) affected
    • Type of information needed (i.e. MRI report, clinic notes, lab results, etc.)
  • Authorization – The request will not be processed without proper authorization.  Please sign and date the form on the line beside “Signature of Applicant”

Submit your request by mailing it to:

Health Information Services
LL-75 Poseidon Bay
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 3E4

You may fax your request to 204.925.7484

You may drop off your request at the Health Information Services desk during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm).  We are located in the lower level of the Pan Am Clinic.

Processing Fees are: $25.00 Administrative Fee PLUS $0.50 per copy (paper records).

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What are the fees for obtaining copies of my records?

The processing fees for obtaining copies of your records are $25.00 administrative fee PLUS $0.50 per copy (paper records).

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What forms of payment are accepted?

The Health Information Services department accepts cash (exact change please), debit card, credit card, or cheque payable to “Pan Am Clinic”.

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What do I do if my Manitoba Health Card contains incorrect or outdated information?

The Pan Am Clinic Health Information Services department can assist you in having minor changes made to the information on your Manitoba Health card.

We can assist with the following corrections to your Manitoba Health card:

  • a change in address
  • a minor correction to the spelling of your name (please bring your birth certificate, passport or driver’s licence for verification)
  • a correction to your date of birth (please bring your birth certificate, passport or driver’s licence for verification)
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