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Manitoba's most advanced 3D Gait and Running Analysis in a clinical setting.



The Running & Gait Centre at Pan Am Clinic has partnered with Dr. Reed Ferber at the University of Calgary's Running Injury Clinic to bring you 3D Gait Analysis, the world's most advanced Gait and Running Analysis System for use in a clinical setting.

The Running & Gait Centre is the only clinic in Manitoba and one of only 16 clinics in Canada to have a 3D Gait Analysis System available to clients of all mobility levels.

Based on peer-reviewed, published research, 90% of patients are pain free in 4-6 weeks following the 3D Gait Analysis and a subsequent treatment plan.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 204.927.2828
Fax Number: 204.927.2775
Hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 1:00pm

The Running & Gait Centre is located on the Third Floor of the Pan Am Clinic.


Our Physiotherapists

Kim Senechal, Physiotherapist

Kim has almost 20 years of experience as both a physiotherapist and a runner.  She is passionate about helping people find lasting solutions that allow them to run, walk and perform strong and healthy.  She is an avid ultra-marathon trail runner, and has completed races from 5K to 100 miles.  Kim has either personally experienced or treated patients with nearly every running related injury possible!  She understands that simply being told not to run isn't an option for most people and will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Ashley Desloges, Physiotherapist

Ashley has been an energetic physiotherapist for 2 years.  She started her career as an athletic therapist and loves working with athletes of all ages and abilities.  She has always enjoyed running, especially outdoors!  Ashley has completed 2 half marathons and 1 spartan race and has an extensive background in dance, gymnastics and figure skating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit from a 3D Gait Analysis?

Both runners and walkers can benefit from a 3D GAIT Analysis.  We can assist people of all activity levels determine the root cause of their injury.  Runners must be able to run for 5 minutes pain-free.  Walkers must be able to walk a minimum of 1.0 mph without an assistive device such as a cane or walker.

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How does the 3D Gait Analysis work?

Assessment Session (90 min) - During the assessment session, scientific meaures of how you walk and run are recorded by a physiotherapist and technician using high speed cameras and specific software to measure your pattern of movement (your gait biomechanics) using the 3D GAIT and KinetiGait systems.  You then receive a comprehensive physiotherapy physical assessment to evaluate your strength, flexibility and alignment.

Consultation Session (45 min) - You will return to the clinic for your consultation session with a physiotherapist where you will receive a full explanation of your assessment findings and a personalized program with recommendations to optimize your gait and performance.

Follow-up Sessions - if you require additional support to progress your program or physiotherapy treatment, these sessions can be booked as needed.

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How do I book an appointment?

You may book your own appointment by calling us at 204.927.2828
You may be referred by your family doctor.  Your family doctor should mail or fax a referral letter to our office, and we will contact you directly to book an appointment.

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Do I need a referral?

No, you may book your own appointment by calling us at 204.927.2828
You may be referred by your family doctor.  Your family doctor should mail or fax a referral letter to our office, and we will contact you directly to book an appointment.

Some extended health/private insurance plans require a physician's referral to reimburse you for physiotherapy treatment.  You should check with your plan administrator to clarify if this is required.

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Is there a fee for my 3D Gait Analysis or is it covered by my Manitoba Health card or an insurance plan?

First Visit (90 min) - 3D Gait Analysis - $205.00
Second Visit (45 min) - Report and Consultation - $95.00

*Please note that you must come to both visits.  The service is billed as a Physiotherapy Assessment for the 3D Gait Analysis, and as a Physiotherapy Treatment Plan for your second visit.

Follow-up 3D Gait Analysis (90 min) - $205.00

The follow-up appointment must be booked within 6 months of your initial 3D Gait Analysis.  Otherwise, you will have to book a full 3D Gait Analysis again.

Appointments are NOT covered by Manitoba Health.

You may be covered for Physiotherapy Services under an insurance plan.  We offer direct billing to WCB, MPI, Blue Cross, and numerous private Group Insurance Plans.  Please ask our office staff for information on whether your insurance plan allows direct billing.  Some plans do not allow direct billing by service providers; they require that you pay for your treatment and submit your receipts for reimbursement.

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What should I wear to my appointment?

When attending your 3D Gait Analysis, please note:

• Wear closely fitting shorts that ideally do not come below mid-thigh in length.
• Shorter ankle socks are preferred.
• Try to choose clothing without reflective detailing.
• Leave jewelry at home.
• Bring your completed 3D Anlaysis Intake Form (available to download from the left hand side of this webpage) if you have not already emailed it to our clinic.
• Bring your running shoes and any orthotics you are currently wearing.

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