The Casting Department at the Pan Am Clinic is staffed by certified Athletic Therapists that are registered Orthopaedic Technicians and Technologists.  They work under the direction of physicians in collaboration with members of our health care team and are highly skilled in the application and removal of casts, splints, and braces. In addition, they assist physicians with post-operative wound care, post-operative exercise instruction, injury education, as well as crutch fitting and usage.  They will instruct you on the care of your cast or brace, advise you on skin care, as well as review your treatment plan.

Casting Procedure

Services in the Casting department are provided upon referral by a Pan Am Clinic physician.  We are not able to service referrals from physicians outside of the Pan Am Clinic.

The casting department is located on the Main Floor of the Pan Am Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments are not available in the Casting department.  You will be referred to the Casting department if required, during your visit with the Pan Am Clinic physician.

We do not accept outside referrals directly into the Casting department.  Your family physician may want to send you to the casting department at Pan Am Clinic, but you will be required to see a Pan Am Clinic physician first.

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Is there a fee for my cast/splint/brace/crutches or is it covered by my Manitoba Health card?

Most casts and splints are covered by Manitoba Health.  There are some specialty applications that patients may choose that are not covered by Manitoba Health and the patient is responsible for paying the associated fees (i.e. water resistant liners, sansplint)

Crutches are $30 and are not covered by Manitoba Health.  We do not direct bill to any insurance company.

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