Diamond In The Rough Golf Tournament

On Wednesday, June 28th, the Pan Am Clinic Foundation will host our fifth annual Diamond In The Rough fundraising golf event presented by Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies Inc. at Glendale Golf and Country Club.


2016 Diamond In The Rough Golf Tournament


2015 Golf Tournament (Dr. Peter Nemeth, Mr. Ben Diamond, Mr. Gerald Diamond, Dr. Bob Glacken)


2015 Golf Tournamanet (Mr. Scott Markham, Mr. Bill Parrish, Mr. Peter Drazic, Dr. John Wade, Mr. James Ferguson)


2015 Golf Tournament (Mr. Roman Fradkin, Dr. Peter MacDonald, Dr. Jason Old, Dr. Kelvin Williamson)


2014 Golf Tournament (Mr. Gerald Diamond, Mr. Ben Diamond, Dr. Bob Glacken, Dr. Peter Nemeth)


2013 Golf Tournament (Dr. Peter MacDonald, Dr. Dave Dillon, Travis Zajac, Roman Fradkin, Dr. Tod Clark)